How to Cope If You’re Vehicle Gets a Puncture While Driving

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When being on the receiving end of a flat or blown out tyre during driving is a very difficult situation, for even the most experienced of drivers. It can become very scary, especially if you are travelling with family or friends. Maybe travelling to work or en-route to that well deserved family holiday. No one wishes to be caught in this unpleasant situation ever. However, these unpleasant and inconvenient situations do occur. Let Door 2 door tyres be your No.1 choice when your are faced with a problem tyre!

Signs Indicating that Your Tyre could be Punctured –
Below, we are going to share some quite common signs that you must not ignore. If you find any of these points, you need to call Tyre Puncture Repair Service provider.

• If you experience that, your wheel is wobbling, or almost bouncing.
• If find that your car has become tough to steer, or shaking.
• You may also feel that your car is pulling to the right or left.

How To Cope If Your Vehicles Tyre Gets Punctured

First, Safely take your car to the side of the road or motorway, Keep yourself calm and turn on hazards warning lights. It will indicate others that there is some kind of problem with your vehicle. In addition, it will alert people that you maybe stranded or changing your wheel. Keep in mind that your vehicle should be off to the road. Changing a wheel when your car is still on the road or motorway comes with many hazards and may be dangerous. If you are confident at changing a wheel and it is safe to do so please continue to do so, if not then you must call Tyre Puncture Repair Service provider, door 2 door tyres can do this for you.

To change a tyre, it requires having some very basic mechanical knowledge. At night a torch could be very useful so consider keeping one in your vehicle, After doing your tyre/ wheel replacement, you should check the wheel is securely fastened, a torque wrench is a fairly cheap addition to your toolkit and could be very useful to tighten your wheels correctly. It can be a bit more stressful, when you get in this situation late at night. Please bear in mind It makes it tough for others to identify your vehicle standing or stranded.

What Makes Door 2 Door Tyre Mobile Tyre Fitting Service Different from Others

Door 2 Door Tyre feels proud to become your companion, when you get stick in a difficult or unpleasant situation. We understand that it is very stressful and inconvenient, in this type of emergency situation. It can happen to anyone and at any location. However, call us for a hassle free same day service, as we are here to serve you, with a competitive and convenient service with free fitting wherever you want. We can normally offer an emergency breakdown service so call us directly as your No.1 tyre service in London, Essex, Kent and Surrey.

Locally and quickly We can cover a wide area including Istead Rise, Meopham, Vigo, Culverstone, Northfleet and many more. We provide a friendly and affordable mobile tyre service. We understand the value of your precious time and that is why everything is done as soon as possible. We plan to emerge as the best Mobile Tyre fitting Service Provider across the southeast catering for all your tyre needs at the best prices.

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