How safe are you tyres?

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When you look at a car the things you notice at first is the exterior that is how the car is designed. Engine specification to check the power output or the performance of the car, and then you notice the interiors of the car, how luxurious they are how classy does the dashboard of a car look etc.

Not many people check for the tyres leave aside strangers the people who own the car tend to neglect the tyres safety, but it is the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road and the well-being of your vehicle depends mostly on the car. Given below are a few things to keep in mind to assure the safety of the tyre:-

You should always keep a check on the tyre pressure of your vehicle because under-inflation and over-inflation cause unnecessary wears on the tyre shortening the life span of the tyre and affects the fuel-efficiency of the car.

It is the most important check which determines whether you have to replace the tyre or not. If the depth of the tread is 2/32’’ or less it means you have to replace your tyre. Check this once a month to have a safe trip.

It is very necessary that the tyres are properly aligned because improper alignment causes uneven and rapid tyre wear also affects the steering of the vehicle which risks the safety of the people riding inside it.

Wheel balancing helps tyres spin without causing vibrations; if your wheels are properly balanced your vehicle will have improved car’s balancing and fuel efficiency and provides longer tyre life.

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