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The Door2door Tyres website is just a week old but today we further improved the Help section of our website!

We now provide three sections, two are brand new, and the other, our FAQ section, has been enhanced.

  1. The FAQ section is designed to answer general questions that are asked by our customers from time to time.
  2. Our new GUIDES section aims to provide important information that needs a little more detail than a simple FAQ.
    • At the moment we have started with three important areas: Tyre Pressure, Tyre Labelling and an introduction to Winter Tyres.
    • Most sections within this page wil include short videos as well as useful advice, tips, tricks and suggestions.
  3. The WINTER TYRES section does exactly what you would expect.
    • This is a dedicated area for Winter tyres only.
    • There is a great demonstration video showing the differences between summer and winter tyre performance in snow.
    • A 10 question FAQ on Winter Tyres.
    • A link to view all our Winter Tyres.

We are happy to add new material to any of out Help items as we are always looking to improve our website and make our customer’s life that little bit easier. So if you feel we have missed something and think our customers will benefit from new information please do get in touch and let us know what you think is missing….but first you might need to check the other two sections.

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